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Healthy food = healthy bodies and minds.

$25 provides an entire month of healthy meal planning for all children in residence through a dietician's review.

Shoes and clothes that fit can help a child feel comfortable in their bodies.

$50 covers an entire month's budget for clothing for the entire Children's Village, thanks in part to all of the generous second hand clothing donated.

Learning responsibility is important.

$150 provides an entire month of allowances for the children - most of which pay $0.25 per chore (up to 2 per day) completed for the little ones.

A child should have ice cream on a warm day and should feel comfortable in their community.

$125 provides an entire month of outings for the children in residence.

Some children in our community have never felt safe.

$150 provides a child with 24 hours of safe shelter, meals, snacks, and a warm bed.

Feeling included during school activities and sports is important for a child going through so much change.

$200 provides an entire year of school fees and supplies for the children in residence.

Children need role models and support as their bodies grow.

$250 provides an entire year of personal care supplies for the children and teenagers living at Children's Village.

Home time is important.
$400 provides an entire month of activities and supplies for the children in both homes to stay busy.

Siblings should stay together.

Every $450 provides a sibling group of 3 with 24 hours of safe shelter, meals, snacks, and a warm bed.

Many of these children have not known where their next meal will come from.

$500 provides an entire month's meals and snacks for all of the children in residence, thanks in large part to the generosity of our community with food donations to help. 

Feeling safe is the first part of a child's experience towards normal.

$750 provides an entire month of utilities for one of our two 8,000 square foot homes so a kid can learn the stability of lights on and heat working in their home. 

Children should feel loved and safe if they get a scraped knee or injury. 

$1,000 provides all the medicine and medical supplies for the entire year for both homes.

Some of these children have never known a stable home.

$1,500 pays the utilities for 1 month for both 8,000 square foot homes - helping to teach the children safety with a warm home, lights, and home cooked meals.